Join us for the St. Michaels and All Angels 2018 Men's Retreat, March 2-3

The upcoming STMAA Men's Retreat is scheduled Friday and Saturday, Mar. 2-3, 2018, at Conception Abbey in northwest Missouri. The 24-hour overnight event has been held annually there for many years.


The St. Gabriel Guest House will make you think Hampton Inn. Not the least bit "monkish". Clean, comfortable, and very quiet (and better yet for some of you- no kids!!-they are at home, enjoying the attention of someone else.) A good night's sleep awaits.


That guy you've seen in the pew for years - he has an interesting life story. The retired member you chat with some Sundays-- wisdom that only experience can teach. And it's all shared in a relaxed atmosphere where drinks and even cigars are found. No collars-just guys discovering that issues they face aren't that unusual after all.


Friday night: Famous Chef Bob Henry cooking fish - he welcomes all who want to chat. Saturday the staff at the Abbey prepares and serves breakfast and lunch - good food offered with gratitude for your visit. And while you eat all your meals you might discover that you attended the same college as a new friend.


In years past we have begun after dinner with an opening session led by the guest speaker, followed by two sessions on Saturday. This year's retreat is being planned with maybe some changes to come. Regardless of the format, you may talk, just listen, or do both- your choice, no pressure. Free time is also built into the schedule to explore the Abbey grounds, take photos of the peaceful countryside, or go see the timeless basilica at the nunnery in Clyde a very short distance away.


Bill Tammeus

Bill Tammeus

Bill Tammeus, a Presbyterian elder, is a former columnist for The Kansas City Star, where he spent more than 36 years of full-time employment. Since 2004 he has written his daily “Faith Matters” blog for The Star ’s website. In addition to his NCR column, he writes columns for The Presbyterian Outlook and Flatland, KCPT-TV’s digital magazine.

Imam Sulaiman Z Salaam

Special Guest: Imam Sulaiman Z Salaam

Imam Sulaiman Z Salaam is a community leader and religious teacher in the Islamic faith. He considers himself to be a follower of the Prophet Muhammad (G-d’s Peace be upon him), to whom the Holy book Quran was revealed; and a student of the late Imam W.D. Mohammed (G-d’s Peace be upon him also).

Retreat Costs

You can request a single occupancy room or share the costs with a roommate in a double occupancy room. Your cost covers your room, food, and our group conference room. Stay tuned for registration.


$90 per person

  • Fish fry
  • Abbey meals
  • Conference room
  • Guest room


$75 per person

  • Fish fry
  • Abbey meals
  • Conference room
  • Shared Guest room